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FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE We are proud to be the only independent florist in Knightsbridge. Knightsbridge Flowers is located opposite Harrods on the corner of Montpelier st.

We have a fresh delivery of flowers direct from Holland seven days a week. And in the Spring and Summer months, we source Homegrown Flowers for our customers.

Without a doubt, we have the bigest display of fresh blooms on display in the area daily.

When you use our Free local delivery service, we have over twenty-five years of experience delivering flowers and, you are in very safe hands.

If no one is at home, we either find a safe place to leave with a note or find a friendly neighbour and leave a note. If either of these options is not available to us, we leave a note and redeliver at the recipient's request.

We also contact you the client of the delivery situation. It is always handy if you do have a telephone number for the Recipient.

Please note we never send out the same bouquet if it is the following day the recipient is home. We always make a fresh bouquet on the day of delivery, and we do not cut any corners on this.

We also offer a Weekly Contract Flower service to your home or Business and please feel free to contact us for a quote either by phone or email. We are happy to come to your premises and give you a quote and listen to what you will need from us.

Not everyone likes to order online, and we get that so do please if you wish to call us to place your order. You will find our contact numbers at the top of the Home page or on the Contact page. Alternatively, you can email us any questions you may have.

We are happy to send a text message when the flowers have been delivered and also we can take a picture of the flowers we send out for you for peace of mind.

There are no hidden charges with our free local delivery service you pay just for the flowers with no hidden costs.

We do deliver to Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Not an easy task as security is very high in these two shops but we have an extremely good working relationship with both brands and rest assured we can get flowers delivered to either of these landmark stores for you with no problem.

As we are the only independent Knightsbridge Florist and a local business we do ask you to support us by using our services.

Thank you Lee Caston Owner Knightsbridge Flowers 25+ Years serving the local area of Kensington And Chelsea.