Flower delivery in knightsbridge-London-same day delivery service


Welcome to our website.

Here at Knightsbridge flowers, we pride ourselves on the quality of flowers we have available for you. Having over twenty years in the wholesale buying of flowers for our customers we have built up such fantastic relationships with growers direct all over the world. Our main focus is, of course, buying English grown flowers when the seasons permit and our dutch friends for the main bulk of the flowers we sell.There is no other country in the world that can produce the quality of the dutch flower growers.

We have a very strict policy of only selling to our loyal customer base the freshest of flowers and we buy fresh stock every day aiming for a high level of customer satisfaction in the products we create and sell.

Our same day flowers delivery service that covers the whole of the London area within the M25 is available seven days a week. We aim to always be the best Florist in London. When possible we always try our best to accommodate late flower deliveries same day but please if after 4.00pm call us first to guarantee. Some of our clients send A business courier or hire a taxi to collect if very late. For simple flower delivery purpose i.e. A Birthday bouquet we use a scooter service with a large safe box on the back. We find this method most useful on short distance deliveries as it cuts out the Knightsbridge traffic. We also have a van service for further afield and large orders. The scooters are mainly used for the delivery of bouquets and the van for the most delicate work such as the flower arrangements and our weekly contract orders.

At Knightsbridge flowers, we do offer a weekly contract service in London and we also deal with clients outside of the London area. We cover all businesses from shops and restaurants to offices and events. We like to think of ourselves as highly skilled and run this part of our business with military precision. We strive to keep all of our contract clients happy in the knowledge that there weekly floral arrangement will be delivered to the business on time and in perfect condition. If you wish to add this service to your business please call us for a free consultation on your needs. This service does not just cover businesses as we do have many clients who have flowers delivered to their homes weekly. As a lot of our customers in this busy city do not always have the time to come to us direct. We feel this service shows we all always trying to go the extra mile in customer satisfaction.


All of our florists all have over five years experience in the floristry profession and all have an extreme awareness of customer experience with us. My aim as the owner is to have a place where you can always pop past and see a smiley face we want your whole flower buying experience to be a pleasant one. All too much these days, i feel this is far down the list of importance within certain businesses and it needs for you the customer to be enjoyed.

We hope you like our products in our shop area and we do offer a bespoke service for all occasions from Birthday flowers to Wedding flowers and everything in between. The service we provide you is our enjoyment in life and we want to share that enthusiasm and passion we have mirrored to you as our customer.

Please enjoy the website and if you feel a little uncertain on ordering online then please pick up the phone and call me direct. This is my mobile number the reason we use a mobile number and not a land line is we found that on seriously busy occasions our florists could not stop what they were working on or serving a customer and it became a problem concentrating on something creative and stopping to take orders. After thinking on all of the options, we found it easier as I the boss would deal with all calls direct leaving our staff to deal with their work. So please do call me with any questions or orders you wish to place.

All of our work is carried out at our premises just off the Brompton rd. We have a special  daily delivery service to Harrods and Harvey Nichols this question is asked generally every day so thought I would add it here. We are five minutes from both shops and we do deliver there seven days a week.  At our shop, we always have a large show of flowers to buy daily and there is always bouquets ready to go ranging from £25- and up. If you are happy to wait for our florists we always make you a bespoke hand-tied bouquet as you wait this will generally take under ten minutes to perform for you. Alternatively, you can always call your order and collect. We have added also window box flowers to our services area on our website if you have an empty window box or need a revamp this we can do for you no fuss.

I think this covers all the aspects of our business. we do have a Facebook page Facebook   for you to like and we try to update any work we have done for you to see there. We are the go to trusted Florist in Knightsbridge

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our page and as always enjoy Knightsbridge flowers. I will soon be adding video to our site and tips on everything to do with us here that may benefit you.