lee caston owner of knightsbridge flowers

I wanted to share some tips on buying flowers and caring from them at home or at your place of work


It is always best to not let the flowers sit around without putting into water. If you have traveled far since purchasing or had other jobs to get done as we all do in this busy times then please first prepare the water then re/cut the stems at a angel and take off all foliage that will be under the water line of the flowers. If you leave the foliage under the water line this will turn the water murky very fast resulting in the flowers not have a long life.


It’s very important to change the water in the vase i would say either every two days and at maximum three days. The water will build up harmful bacteria and will result in killing the flowers and also as you are probably aware if not changed it will start to smell and go from a beautiful floral arrangement to something completely different. We always use tepid warm water. I remember  one of my floristry teachers explaining ‘Do you like to jump into a cold shower” It was something that stuck with me over the time and i always advise our customers to use warmer water. But do not at the same time put into hot water.


This is a funny subject. Im sure you have found that on buying flowers you are sometimes given a free sachet of chemicals to add to the vase. This is a absolute fine method to use but i personally do not use this in any of our work. It does make the water very cloudy and for me and this is only a personal preference  we do not use the chemicals. I prefer the method of keeping the vase always clean. We use a touch of bleach in cleaning our vases as this ensure to clean away any harmful build up of bacteria in the vase. A very good chemical to use is swimming pool chemical chlorine as this does great job of keeping the water fresh and we find in contract work to offices,shops,businesses it is a safe way of keeping the water clean. We add a very tiny amount  diluted into a two litre water bottle of water and we only need to add a capful. A little inside florist secret for you there.


Of course if you come to us you are guaranteed the freshest flowers available.

Always ask the florist when the bouquet was made and check over the flowers. If they feel soft then this is not good and can be getting old especially roses, So always check that they look in good condition before purchasing. This does sound obvious but so many people are rushing around and forget to check first. Most flowers you buy should last up to seven days  but there are circumstances that can alter this. Fragrant flowers do not have a life as long as non fragrant flowers. And also never place flowers on a table next to a bowl of fruit. The fruit gives off gases that actually kill the flowers. Another obvious thing is flowers can not sit in direct sunlight so do not place in the window where sunlight will heat them up and will literally kill them in day.


This i get asked a lot. What to do if you get the stain from the Lillie  on your clothes.

Never rub the stain at all if you do this its too late. Take a piece of Sellotape and gently keep lifting the stain off with the Sellotape. This will completely lift off the mark before putting in the wash.


When ordering flowers think firstly what the person you are sending to likes. A little trick i have is thinking whats there favourite colours. Possibly you have been out with them and have remembered something they may have said regarding colours or what is there favourite lipstick or nail varnish colour. Another tip is the decor of there house if you have this information to hand. If it’s for a romantic occasion then you can not go wrong ordering red roses. Keep it classic. And i find guys like strong colours so be a little daring and go for bright vibrant colours. When in doubt go for classic white you will never be wrong. By far the most flowers that we sell are white flowers. They go in every house match all decors and are simply elegant.

Prepare the message to go with the flowers if you have time before placing the order. It could be such an important occasion and the message is from you personally so not something to be overlooked. Take your time and think it through what message you are trying to convey. If there are certain flowers you do not like and even more important what the recipient does not like then tell the florist when ordering. If you are doing this online there is a special instruction box to add this information to.  Do try to have as much information for the delivery address as possible. This not only helps the florist our end but helps you get your delivery out on time with no fuss. So please try to be as full with the information as you possibly can please. If you are wanting a morning delivery then it is wise to call the day before. It will probably be absolutely fine to get done as a same day flower delivery but just in case if you can order the day before this will ensure no stress.

We offer a same day London flower delivery service and all of our bouquets are made fresh on the day at our premises in knightsbridge. We can usually get a late delivery out last minute for you. It is always best to call for late day flower delivery service. Just in case.

You can always ask our florist to drop you a text when the delivery has been made for peace of mind. On occasions the recipient may not be at home and we have found with over twenty years experience in delivering flowers we firstly ask a neighbour to take the flowers in for us. We then put a card through the door of the recipient with the date, time, and where the flowers have been left. It is extreme rare to ever run into a problem doing this. If that fails we then try to find a convenient place under shelter to leave the flowers at the house. And if we can not do either of these we place a card throughout he door to  rearrange a delivery time. We then call the client to explain we have tried to deliver but no one was available to take the flowers in. We then go back usually same day to re/deliver. If the recipient is not available until the following day or longer then we do always make up a fresh flower bouquet on the day of delivery. We would never send out next day the same flowers.


We are lucky to have many weekly contracts at knightsbridge flowers. And we are always happy to except more weekly London flower contracts. Again the trick to keep the flowers lasting for a full week include. Do not put  flowers by the heating system of the premises  nor the window in the summer months. The flowers can not cope with a continuous stream of hot air on them and they will not last unfortunately. Also have a member of staff to check the water level of the flowers as in some cases the flowers can on occasions drink all the water in the vase. If it is not a flower vase arrangement and it is one of our larger arrangements that is made in the floral foam (oasis) then add every third  day a cup of water into the base of the floral arrangement. It’s a good habit to get in to keep checking the flowers over and to ensure the effect they are there to achieve for your business lasts looking beautiful for the full seven day period. Lastly on this subject  if the flowers are to be placed for example at the reception area where people are working check through with staff there if they have any allergies not all people like fragrant flowers. This is not a big problem as we work very closely with our clients on what they need and we come out first and do a free assessment of requirements and what will work best for you.

I hope this has been of help to you all. If you do have any questions or need of help please do contact me either by email

or be telephone

Lee 07894 158-884

Thank you

Lee Caston