Knightsbridge Flowers is owned and operated by Lee Caston.


WELCOME to Knightsbridge flowers with over twenty years experience in the florist industry we can safely say you are in very safe hands when working with us.

All of our flowers are selected on a daily basis by me personally and we have a direct delivery service from the flower market in Holland direct over to us. Also in the warmer months of the year we always reserve a u.k grown section of flowers as a must.

We offer a same day flower delivery service that covers all of London this is the link direct to that service Shop. If you come to visit us in person we are open from 8.00am -8.00 pm daily and we can deliver flowers for you seven days a week. We do try to fit in late same day delivery’s. At our kiosk located in the same road as Harrods just off the Brompton rd, you will find we alway have a lot of bouquets for you to take away without no wait. Just simply grab and go. We can make you any bespoke bouquet of your choice whilst you wait also

All of our florists have over five years experience in their profession and one of our main aims at Knightsbridge flowers are to offer an extremely high level of customer service to you. We do offer a corporate flower service also and here is the link to that page Corporate flowers. Please do feel free to contact me at any time with any special orders you may need. We are constantly trying to up our game in all aspects of our floristry work and you will see new designs from us cropping up on these pages and over at our Facebook page


We try to keep things very fresh in our approach to floristry as our industry is changing all of the time. we like to see ourselves as the market leader in delivering to you the best experience possible.

This is a small intro regarding myself.

Lee Caston was born into a traditional family of florists in Chelsea, London

His grandfather sold flowers in Fulham in the 50’s. While his mother and grandmother had another successful flower shop in Filmer Road also in Fulham. At the age of 13, young Lee was already helping his family sell flowers straight after school.

Then at 18, he began working on a flower stand in Chelsea Manor Street off the famous Kings Road, Chelsea. There he developed new skills such as combining colours and different varieties of flowers.

Lee started his apprenticeship in Floristry at the age of 20, learning all the intricacies of floral design such as hand-tied bouquets and flower arrangement. At the famous shop at the time, Molly blooms in Fulham. After 2 years apprentice, he was already the manager running the day to day activities.

After a wonderful experience with fond memories of Molly blooms Lee then went on to first set up his own Corporate clients in the Chelsea area and then taking on his own shop back in the Fulham area at the early age of 24. By now he had already made a name for himself with the many clients in Chelsea and Fulham.

Now, aged 41, Lee brings with him a lifetime of experience. Well known to the local community, having served many famous personalities. Discreet, reliable, caring and always cheerful. And this sort of energy can be felt throughout his business.

In his own words

‘I just have an out and out passion for my industry no matter what the day might hold to be at my location in Knightsbridge talking to my customers or even after all these years buying the flowers daily somehow this alone gives me such a buzz I’m just completely addicted to my work. We are still learning even after all theses years as we go picking up new tricks and methods along the way. Nothing stands still in our industry we are lucky to be constantly surrounded by creative people and you can certainly feel the creative vibration in  the air when we are all head down getting the job done. And to let you into a little secret my favourite flower for fragrance is actually a flower we do not even sell. I adore the smell of chrysanthemums it brings back such  great very young childhood memories for me being around a family of florists.  If you have noticed on our business card you will see the name poppie this is my daughter as I write this she has just turned 8 and we have had her serving customers from I think 5. One day a lady come to her to buy flowers and I will never forget this for good luck and prosperity put a £50.00 in her hand. So Poppie is now a 4th generation flower girl. I must say I feel blessed to have a job I absolutely adore doing I have become friends with famous actors,  musicians and artists over the years.I even get to stand and talk with royalty on quite a regular basis. I want to thank everyone who has become my friend /customer over the years and here is to many more.


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