Meghan Markle ‘found her wedding florist on Google

It is one of the most important decisions a bride has to make: who to trust with the crucial bouquet and flower arrangements.

It might be assumed that a Royal bride, who will have the eyes of the world upon her, would have the industry’s finest florists on speed dial; personal appointments made with the most sought after in high society.

Not so, it seems. For Meghan Markle, 36, found her chosen flower arranger just like every other bride: on Google.

The 36-year-old told Philippa Craddock, the “floral mastermind” who will be responsible for lining the aisles of St George’s Chapel with fragrant blooms and designing the bridal bouquet, that she had found her on the internet.

Rather than take advantage of her enviable connections, Ms Markle was apparently curled up on the sofa at Nottingham Cottage, the pied-a-terre she shares with Prince Harry in the grounds of Kensington Palace, browsing endless web pages and searching for that one person who would share her vision of the big day.

Despite being the preferred supplier for public and private events hosted by Kensington Palace, Craddock was said to have been stunned when she was contacted by a representative for the royals and informed she had been chosen.

Her team will spend several days ahead of May 19 transforming St George’s Chapel and St George’s Hall in Windsor, filling them with springtime whites and pastels in an incredibly dramatic yet romantic display.

They are using locally sourced seasonal foliage and an abundance of white garden roses and foxgloves as well as Ms Markle’s favourite peonies.

It is understood that Craddock will be personally responsible for the bride’s bouquet and will hand it to her on the day, shortly before she embarks on the short journey with her mother, Doria, from their overnight accommodation to St George’s Chapel by car.



Monday 5th March 2018

Big News From Us!

Awarded same day delivery service Florist
Knightsbridge Flowers Approved move to Montpelier St

Popular local florist Knightsbridge Flowers
located in Egerton Terrace which has been trading for over twelve years has been awarded by the Kensington and Chelsea council planning team an approval to move their business to Montpelier St.

owner Lee Caston has been a professional florist and has worked in the florist industry in Kensington and Chelsea serving the community for over thirty years.

Lee started off at an early age in Chelsea Manor st just off the famous Kings Rd, Chelsea and had stayed in the profession for all of his adult life. He does, in fact, comes from a family of Florists and is the third generation to carry on this trend.

Lee’s Mother, grandmother and grandfather all were professional Florists in the Fulham area of London.

Lee commented
“It must be in our blood. our love for flowers.”

The move to Montpelier st awarded on January 22nd, 2018.
Does have some conditions involved, and Knightsbridge Flowers is working tirelessly to meet the criteria agreed at the planning meeting.

To relocate the highways team have to move a small row of the motorbike bay in Montpelier st to accommodate the florist.
Everything has to be prepared entirely to the letter of the law before the move can take place.

But there is no need for concern as the motorbikes are only relocating a little further back from the current motorbike bay.
Also, there will be no loss of any residents parking on the street.

Owner of Knightsbridge flowers gave us some comments on the move.

‘I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded the planning permission to relocate to Montpelier st.
I have had a wonderful twelve plus years trading in Egerton Terrace, but it is time now to move on.
With the problem with the noise of supercars at night around Egerton Terrace, many of my loyal customers have moved over more towards the Kings rd not helping with the footfall we once had here.

Also, a lady decided to open a rather large flower shop one door from my established business. I would not like to comment if this has affected our sales, but it indeed would not have helped.

We are fortunate to have a good solid foundation of clients to carry over to Montpelier st as it’s only really a stone’s throw from our old location but with a considerable advantage of footfall, passing trade.

In business, things do not stay the same forever, and we are so happy to have a new home in Montpelier st.

We will be increasing our hand-tied bouquet range. And at this time I am sourcing new products to give to the Knightsbridge community.
We had big success on Valentine’s day this year with our infinity Rose hatboxes, Roses that last for over a year. And this is indeed a product we will sell daily at Montpelier st. Also, we are going to announce a new fresh website to celebrate our move.

We will carry on with our free seven days a week local delivery service and most certainly our relationship with Harrods and Harvey Nichols as we do seem to spend half of our lives delivering our fresh bouquets to both fantastic shops. The great thing is once we move we will be even closer to the two famous shops.

We look forward to seeing you all there very soon.
In the meantime, we will still be offering our daily services in Egerton Terrace until we get the green light to go.

We will have no gap in trading and will merely move same day and be open for business as usual.”

Knightsbridge flowers are super excited this week as it is Ladies Day on Thursday and Mothers day on this Sunday the 11th of March.
Be sure to either call them or pop in for all your floral needs.

To end this report we would like to add those small businesses like Knightsbridge Flowers are very much part of the London scene and it would be such a shame as with the red buses and the black taxis to not see these small flower outlets on the streets of our beloved London.

We wish Lee and his staff at Knightsbridge Flowers all the success and many more years of delivering their high-quality service here in Knightsbridge, London.

Popular local florist Knightsbridge Flowers
located in Egerton Terrace which has been trading for over twelve years has been awarded by the Kensington and Chelsea council planning team an approval to move their business to Montpelier St.

This is our Article that is being distributed out via online media sites including

ABC News, Fox news and many other distribution networks.

I will post the link for the full story when released.

exciting times ahead.




We are excited to announce we are now taking our Christmas tree orders.

Having already opened the order book from our corporate customers we thought it was best to open the order book up to take in advance tree sales. We will be posting a separate Christmas tree page on our website. As always we will be only selling premium quality non-drop trees.

They will range from small 3ft trees up to huge 25ft trees.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please call me direct on

07894 158-884 for bookings




I have a wonderful story to share with you

Knightsbridge flowers customer

This chap who I had the pleasure talking to in Knightsbridge caught my eye.

We started to chat and he told me a marvelous story. In 1964, he was going for a job interview so he thought how could he stand out from the crowd. The answer a bright flower in the lapel. And I’m sure not only because of this he got the job.

Since 1964, he has always worn an orchard every day.

This is what attracted me to chat with him. I asked to get a photo to share with you all as I loved the story so much.

Of course, we always think of oscar Wilde as the dandy with the green carnation in his lapel and here is another present day dandy who I had the pleasure to stop and chat with.




Firstly I would just like to say you to all of our beautiful customers for supporting us. We do close every summer for a very long time and it is so nice that you all remain great customers to Knightsbridge flowers. Thank you.

Exciting time of year for Flower buying, The Hydrangeas this time of year in my opinion are the best. They are so strong and a lot of our customers are buying to dry them. For drying I simply just hang upside down tied but you must make sure if you are wanting to do this you do not wait for the flower to start getting near the end of its shelf life.

Also, Tulips have just returned to us which is great news. Tulips I would say are one of the most popular flowers we sell. A great tip for making tulips last is put a copper coin in the water. This is a great way to get a week out of them. Also, Hyacinths have also just returned as well as Anemonies. We will wait a week or two more before we start having Anemonies to sell as they are extremely short for the first couple of weeks of the season. We look forward to seeing you in Knightsbridge and any orders you may need please do not hesitate to call me direct.



Monday 14th September 2015

Would like to say thank you to all our returning loyal customers. thank you so much for making our first week back open after summer holidays a real absolute pleasure.

I have started introducing again nice orchard arrangements in very beautiful ceramic pots and they have been a great success. Will have a full show once again tomorrow of them.

I have added a couple of videos of the flower market in holland today on the home page just to get a feel of the whole huge process of the flower buying experience. they are an interesting watch. hope you enjoy. please contact me for any orders or comments regarding Knightsbridge flowers.




we are extremely excited and privileged to welcome on board a new contract with the Porsche  design team located in the Brompton rd. They have ordered form us some extremely beautiful white globe ceramic large vases with a beautiful white orchard design. extremely elegant and fitting with such a heritage brand. Here is their direct link to the store PORSCHE DESIGN

Pictures to follow


As you are probably aware it is tradition for us to close for the summer holiday’s

We will return from sunnier climes on Tuesday 8th September

Please do ring me 07894 158-884

if any work is required in this time period.


Hi, guys hope all your summer holidays are going well.

In the main menu you will see I have added a window boxes service WINDOW FLOWER BOXES For many years we have offered this service from our home here in Knightsbridge and have now decided by popular demand to add this service further afield.  I have just put the page up so for now not too many pictures but will add as we go for you to enjoy.

Happy holidays to all


August 31st

Happy bank holiday weekend to you all

I have just added a Flower buying guide/tips page for you all.

If you have any comments or wish for me to add anything to this tips page I will be more than happy to do. We are getting on countdown now to our re/opening after our summer holidays on Tuesday 8th September. We look forward to seeing all of our customers and meeting new ones. thanks



We are re/opening in the morning Tuesday 8th September after a fantastic summer break. we feel alive motivated and ready to give the best possible flower buying experience in London. We hope to see you tomorrow or please call me to book any flower deliveries

We are now taking on new business contracts email me for details.