Corporate Rental Flowers Service

Knightsbridge Corporate Flower Rental Service

We are pleased to announce our new service to you.
We are now offering all of our corporate clients a chance of lowering your monthly flower bill up to 90% on normal costs.

We have now finalized our trial period and have now opened this service up to all businesses within London and Essex only for now.

The Service.
We are working with the highest quality life-like flowers.

We have spent the last two months sourcing the best product to use for our clients and feel we have now found the winning corporate flower rental product.

Also putting in place a delivery structure for the service to work correctly for your business and deliver on time every time.
Please note we are only covering the London area and Essex for our delivery system to function properly.
We will be expanding very soon
With the aim to give a nation-wide service.

Corporate Flower Rental About.
We bring to your business a premium life-like floral arrangement.
Giving you a maintenance free Floral arrangement which stays a fresh and bright day in day out. With the bonus of no smelly water. You will never have to change the water ever again, and being in the industry for many years if we are honest the water over the week is never changed. Along with the fact you will not be cleaning up fallen petals or apologising to staff and clients of stains on their clothes as they brush past the flowers. It is a win-win alternative.

Our floral designs will be okay with the climate of your environment.
If it’s hot and you have the central heating on blowing over the flowers daily or the opposite having the air conditioning on the flowers will always be in perfect condition week in week out.

The Best Part. We Will Cut Your Monthly Flower Bill By 90%
By switching to our rental system from the first week, you will save money.

We have a Three-point price plan.

1. A regular sized bouquet £30-£50 is a £10.00 A Week Rental Cost

2. A medium sized Floral Arrangement £50.00-£80.00 is £15.00 A Week Rental Cost.

3. A £80.00-£125.00 Arrangement of Flowers is £20.00 A Week rental cost.

Other Flower Rentals Include:

Single Flowers For Tables
Corporate Events Flower Rental
Film And Television Flower Rental
Business chains Flower Rental

Contact Us for Quotes And Prices.

Our Corporate Flower Rental Service
Is perfect for all types of companies from small and medium businesses to huge corporations we feel at Knightsbridge Flowers once the flowers get installed the feedback is there is no turning back.

How The System Works
As already mentioned we have kept our client base very low for the last Two months while we correctly had the product and the delivery structure perfect and in place.

The system is we come to your business with a done for you floral Arrangement in its vase. Every month a friendly staff member will come and change the flowers keeping the face of your business fresh and relevant to the time of year and what is a popular choice for flowers for that season.

No Contract to Sign
We do not believe in holding individuals and companies on a contract with us. We firmly believe our product and service speak for themselves. We have a No Obligation Opt out system.
You are more than welcome to have a short-term service with us just as much as staying on Long Term.

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